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VOL. 1, NO. 2, (2021) : ARTICLE 5

Role of E-Learning for Teaching and Learning in the Higher Education Sector of Sri Lanka under Crisis Situations: A Review on the Challenges, Future Potential and Way Forward

Lahiru Udayanga, Nirma Subashini, Virajith Kuruppu, Upanith Liyanaarachchi and Akila Herath


Conventionally, education has been offered in classrooms, where students can interact directly with the teachers, respecting the physical presence. Recent advancements in technology play a key role in the development and expansion of the education sector. Therefore, similar to many countries in the world, the higher education sector in Sri Lanka is also progressively attempting to incorporate more E-Learning opportunities to elevate the learning process via facilitation of Blended Learning (BL) and Distance Learning (DL) opportunities. Despite the proven benefits and efficacy of E-Learning systems, limited administrative commitment, absence of adequate instructional/training programmes, gaps in technical expertise, poor telecommunication facilities, poor attitudes of students and educators, and gaps in technology readiness act as major barriers for the inculcation of E-Learning systems in Sri Lanka. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic situation has depicted the significance of E-Learning systems in continuing higher education. Therefore, the majority of the higher education institutes have been compelled to move towards E-Learning concepts, while facing aforesaid challenges. The provision of soft-loans to empower necessary physical resources, enhancing the basic telecommunication facilities, motivation of students and academicians, and enhancing their core competencies for E-Learning through training programmes are essential to promote E-Learning opportunities in Sri Lanka. Thus, policymakers in education sector have to consider aforementioned aspects in designing a better and a sustainable E-Learning framework for higher education setup in Sri Lanka.

Keywords: E-Learning, Challenges and Potential, Crisis Situations, Higher Education, Sri Lanka